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Ida Frank Kilstein

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Memphis, Tennessee
Born: 1922 Oswieciem (Auschwitz), Poland
Survivor : Chzanow ghetto; Neusaltz Labor Camp; Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp

Ida Frank Kilstein grew up with four siblings in the Polish town of Oswieciem, which would later become notorious as Auschwitz: the Nazi slave labor camp and mass killing site established in May of 1940. After the Nazis invaded Poland, the Frank family was forced into a ghetto in a nearby town. They were gradually dispersed. Ida was put to work in factories and moved from place to place. A final march away from the advancing Allied forces took her far into the heart of Germany, to Bergen-Belsen, where she and other prisoners were liberated in April 1945. Ida and one brother were all who survived of her family.