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Holocaust Memories Film Archive Project

November 19th, 2014

With the recent passing of prominent Tennessee Holocaust Survivors, the urgency to maintain the legacy of their eyewitness testimony along with all information stored in the Tennessee State Archives is essential.  Therefore, the Tennessee Holocaust Commission in partnership with Earnhardt Films, LLC has been working to preserve filmed interviews of Tennessean’s who were eyewitnesses to this dark period in history. The project consists of updating and editing this footage from its unused archive status to digital platforms and formats, where the footage could be easily accessed and utilized as an educational resource that preserves, sustains, and teaches this important legacy through educational DVDs and online access as well as accompanying curricular resources.  Through the generosity of the Assisi Foundation, the Peak Pyramid Foundation, the Memorial Foundation, Cracker Barrel, Temple Beth El in Knoxville, TN, and individual donations, a promotional film, and a short film sample featuring, Arthur Pais has been developed as first stages of the project, but the THC continues to need your support to bring these films into the classroom and to the community. Commission staff is available to share this project with your organization.  If you know of sponsorship opportunities, please contact Mrs. Kahane-Kaminsky.

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