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November 15th, 2012


The Tennessee Holocaust Commission Seminar for Holocaust Education, is an interactive  intensive learning opportunity geared to the specific curricular and pedagogical needs of educators. This seven day seminar experience includes two summer sessions.  The first three days in the summer of 2013 will be an introduction to Holocaust and Genocide studies for educators with little or no experience in this area. The summer of 2014 to include the final four days of the experience will involve a more in-depth study of the Holocaust and current genocide in Washington, D.C.  We will culminate the seminar through study with expert historians and educators at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum while taking advantage of the other institutions available in our nation's capitol.  Guest lecturers from the Tennessee Holocaust Commission, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Congress, Vanderbilt University, Middle Tennessee State University, the Tennessee State Archives, authors, independent scholars, and clergy will enhance the learning experience.