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Film Archive Project Curriculum Underway

March 9th, 2014
The Holocaust Memories Film Archive Project is intended to create resources from archived film interviews that will serve as a significant educational and community outreach tool, allowing first-hand stories of Tennesseans who experienced the Holocaust to be shared.  To date, the editing process for all the films has been completed and work to create curriculum connections for each film is currently underway. Commission Staff and teachers from around the state are working together to develop curriculum guides to accompany these films. These guides are designed to help expand upon the individual films so that different stories themes and historical events can be examined by playing portions of several eyewitness testimonies. Each guide is divided into sections so that instruction can be tailored to fit the individual teacher’s objectives and needs. The curriculum guide reflects the philosophy that a complete study of the Holocaust provides students the opportunity to learn about this crisis in history through eyewitness testimony from several different perspectives. These resources will allow students and teachers to explore meaningful lessons and ponder important and often difficult and disturbing questions regarding the actions of individuals and governments. Our curriculum writing team looks forward to presenting the first curriculum connections at our Commission meeting this summer.  To view a sample of one of these short films you may go to here on our own web-based channel.