Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - Alexander Savranskiy

  1. In the Tomashpol Ghetto, “The most important thing was food.” What other necessities and items would be important for survival?
  2. In Alexander’s testimony he notes, “… During World War I when the Germans came and occupied, we were told that Germans were nice people and they will [would]not shoot. They will [would]not kill people.” What differences or similarities do you note between Alexander’s expectations and what actually happened when the Germans entered the city of Tomashpol in 1941, based on his testimony?
  3. In the Tomashpol ghetto, Alexander explains, “They were paying money, gold,jewelry and everything, all the valuables they have [had] to exchange for their lives, so they will not [be] sent out…” of the ghetto. Why did the people in the ghetto wish to stay there?