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The best way to understand and absorb the historic events of the Holocaust is to hear them firsthand, from someone who experienced it or from someone who is the child of a survivor, liberator, or witness. The Tennessee Holocaust Commission Speakers Bureau is passionate about making every attempt to provide every Tennessean with this meaningful experience.

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Please notify us a minimum of 30 days in advance when requesting a speaker. This time is necessary to make all required arrangements. Additionally, please keep in mind that some of our speakers are older and may require accommodations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are speakers for the Tennessee Holocaust Commission?

Our speakers are survivors, liberators, and witnesses of the Holocaust who now reside in Tennessee, or their descendants who have trained to be stewards of their families’ stories.

Who can request a speaker?

Anyone; we are more than happy to arrange a speaker for any organization or group and any number of people. You do not need to be located in Tennessee and do not need to be affiliated with a formal organization. We are passionate about increasing access to these stories and would like to do all we can to arrange a speaking arrangement for you and your group.

How do I arrange a speaking engagement at my school, community, or other organization?

Please fill out the speaker request form above. We request that you provide us with at least 30 days’ notice so that we may make appropriate arrangements with speakers.

What is the cost of hosting a speaker?

Speaker events are free, although organizations that are able to contribute an honorarium are encouraged to do so. Donations play a significant role in funding the programs of the Tennessee Holocaust Commission. You can donate here or mail it to P.O. Box 59252 Nashville, TN 37205.

Where can I find more information about speakers affiliated with the Commission?

Reference our Survivors’ Archive; this digital version of our Living On exhibit has the testimonies, artifacts, timelines, etc. of our survivors. Most speakers are either featured on the website, or the descendant of a featured survivor. This website has not only their testimonies and associated materials, but also features curriculum that is specifically designed to connect the speakers’ story to Tennessee state standards of education.

I am doing research and would like to interview one of the survivors or other speakers. How do I get in contact with them?

We are more than happy to link survivors and speakers with students and family members doing relevant research! Please email tnholcom@tnholcom.org with information on the project, any affiliated institution, and the names of any speakers you are particularly interested in speaking with.

I made an arrangement but would like to change the date. What should I do?

Contact us as quickly as possible. We understand if things must be rearranged, but the speaker you requested might have to cancel due to scheduling. If a cancellation is made, we will try our best to find you another speaker.

Where can I find the speaker’s contact information?

We respect our speakers’ privacy and therefore do not display this information on our website. To get in touch with a speaker or survivor, please contact the commission by emailing tnholcom@tnholcom.org.