Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - Erna Preis

1. During the Third Reich, the Nazis systematically targeted the handicapped and the mentally disabled in a state sponsored program known as Operation T4. At 4:05 in the film, Erna shares the heartbreaking story of the murder of her special needs brother. Why would the Nazis target this vulnerable population? Please use the resources found by clicking the links below to research your answers.

Adolf Hitler's authorization for the Euthanasia Program (Operation T4)

Operation T4

Creating the “master race”

Nazi “Racial Hygiene”

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2. Erna refers to the fear that swept Germany. Nazi propaganda was sophisticated and far-reaching. What is propaganda? How did Nazi propaganda influence Germans and impact the Jews? Use the link below to learn more to support your answer.

“Nazi Propaganda”

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3. Martin Luther King, Jr is famous for his quote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” From 8:35-9:16 Erna discusses the responsibilities of those living in a democracy. Watch this clip and discuss how Erna’s thoughts on democracy support MLK’s quote.