Timeline - Frida Landau


August 3: Frida Weiss Landau was born in Pavlovice, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). She had six siblings. While growing up she experienced antisemitism -- neighbors broke the windows by throwing rocks and shouting insults toward the family’s house.


After the Hungarians took over, Frida and her family sometimes hid in the woods at night or in the attic, afraid of what could happen to them.


Frida and her family were deported to Uzvarot Ghetto. After five weeks they were deported to Auschwitz. In Auschwitz, Frida was separated from her family. Frida’s mother took the children of Frida’s sister. As they were separated, she began to realize what was happening and that it might be the last time she would see her family. Frida and her sister Esther stayed together. Frida was moved to Block 16 of Auschwitz. After a few months in Auschwitz, Frida was moved to Heinishchen (Hainichen) Germany to an ammunition factory where she worked 12-hour night shifts.


With the threat of the Russians coming, Frida and her sister were to be taken to Theresienstadt Concentration Camp by train. They were left waiting in an empty field with no food for ten days. They ate grass for nourishment. After arriving in Theresienstadt, the Russians came and they were liberated. Frida and Esther were taken to Prague to a Displaced Persons Camp. After returning to their hometown, Frida’s two brothers returned also and helped them find a place to live. She had lost three of her siblings and both parents. They lived in Prague for three years; when the Communists came, they moved to Austria in hopes of gaining permission for North American immigration. Frida met her future husband, Sam (Saja) Landau.


Frida moved to Canada alone, where her sister Esther was living.


Sam Landau immigrated to Toronto, Canada, where he and Frida married.


Frida moved to Nashville, joining her sister, Esther, who had also moved to Tennessee.


Frida Landau passed away February 4, 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee.