Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - Hans Strupp

  1. Listen to Hans’ video. How did the Nazis begin to isolate the Jews from their neighbors and community in Hans’ village? How do small acts of dehumanization make larger ones possible? Consider the following quote from Ervin Staub: “Goodness, like evil, often begins in small steps. Heroes evolve; they aren't born. Could this happen today? Why or why not?
  2. What part of Hans' experience had the greatest impact on you? Explain.
  3. Given that Hans was 17 when he left Germany, in what ways would youth be a strength as a refugee fleeing the Nazis? In what ways would it be a weakness?
  4. Hans left school and learned a trade, that of a jeweler, in order to earn a living should the family need to emigrate from Germany. If college were not an option anymore for you, what trades would be good ones to “take on the road?” Why do you think Hans Strupp, after coming to the USA, went on to gain a PhD, and became well known in the field of psychotherapy research?