Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - Henrietta Diament

1. In her testimony, Henrietta makes a comparison of her plight by noting it was the “same story of Anne Frank.” Citing evidence from The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, and from Henrietta’s testimony, what similarities and differences do you see between Anne Frank and Henrietta’s experiences?

Henrietta was specifically asked by her interviewer how she survived. How did she respond and what factual evidence did she give to support her responses?

Click on the link below to read the article about the City of Memphis naming a street after the Diaments:

What are the reasons that a city might change a street name to honor the Diaments? Is there a street or bridge name in your city that honors someone? Why was that person or persons honored? What are some other ways we use to honor a hero or human rights activist?

“Memphis City Council Names Street In Honor Of Holocaust Survivors.” News, Tennessee Holocaust Commission. July 5, 2011.

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