Writing Prompts - Herman Kaplan

Prompt 1

Please watch the film of Herman Kaplan as he discusses several central ideas. Determine one central idea from the film and write an essay that both summarizes and analyzes how that central idea is developed over the course of the film, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details. Cite strong and thorough evidence from the video to support your analysis.

Prompt 2

Herman Kaplan was surprised with the freedoms in the United States and in particular, was amazed that in an election year individuals could speak out against a particular candidate without fear of retribution should that particular person win the election. Political elections in the United States are almost a yearly event from the local, state, and national perspective. Write an essay comparing and contrasting the methods that candidates running for any office in your local community use with the methods employed by the Nazi Party prior to Hitler's appointment as Chancellor. Be sure to cite strong and thorough evidence from both sources to support your argument.