Writing Prompts - John Lassing

Prompt 1

In the filmed testimony as he explained his experiences from Dachau, John stated, “It really shattered my belief in human nature that all people are good because they had just proven to me that they were not.” Compare John’s reflections on human nature with Ervin Staub’s statement that “Goodness, like evil, often begins in small steps. Heroes evolve; they aren’t born.” Do you agree or disagree with John and Staub’s thoughts on goodness and evil? Offer historical and/or personal examples to support your answer.

Prompt 2

In what ways were John’s experiences confronting death at Dachau different from his time in combat? What about the up-close nature of the camps differed from his time in combat leading up to liberation? Cite specific examples and evidence from his film and/or transcript to support your analysis.