Writing Prompts - Tilla Starkand

Prompt 1

Based on Tilla’s documentary, the personal theme of family loss and separation has been identified. After viewing Tilla’s documentary, write an essay that both summarizes and analyzes her attitude about loss and separation both during and after the Holocaust. Be sure to cite specific evidence to support your analysis.

Prompt 2

It has been said that adults were better equipped to deal with prejudice and racism than those who were just children. Using details from Tilla’s documentary, refute or defend this statement with specific examples.

Prompt 3

Tilla might have seen performances of teen idols Johnny and Jones. They were a musical duo before they were rounded up and sent to Westerbork. Later they were the subject of a play and documentary. View the film from the YouTube link below which has the original recordings of Johnny & Jones. Why do you think performances such as these were allowed ?