Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - Bob Mamlin

  1. Why, in your opinion, did it take Robert Mamlin 50 years to speak about his experiences, and after he began to share his story what motivated him to continue?
  2. Bob Mamlin had heard of concentration camps and crematoriums from the Jewish community before arriving in Dachau.  Liberators Harry Snodgrass and Jimmy Gentry had not heard of such things before they viewed similar scenes.  All of the men were overwhelmed by the scenes they witnessed.  Discuss why you think the US Army did not prepare foot soldiers for what they would encounter in the camps.
  3. In a story for the USA Today newspaper, Bob Mamlin discussed his role as a liberator, and what happened when returned to the United States.  He married and moved to Nashville, where the couple experienced discrimination towards Jews.  Bob concluded that "There will always be some form of antisemitism, somewhere."  Study the following links to understand more about antisemitism, and to read about Bob's Nashville experience.  Do you think that antisemistism is an issue today?  If so, how can you make a difference?  View Bob's video.  What events support your reasoning?

    Click on this link below to read the article about Bob Mamlin's experience:
    WWII 70 years later: Antisemistism wasn't just in Europe" Anita Wadhwani, USA Today 12:30 a.m. EDT July 22, 2015

    Click on the links below to learn more about antisemitism:

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