Writing Prompts - Charles Kahane

Prompt 1

Please listen to Charles Kahane’s video story. In this source, Kahane describes his first awareness of anti-Semitism (0:35). After you have listened to his story, write an essay that both summarizes and analyzes how Kahane’s new found awareness of anti-Semitism affect his self-identity. Be sure to cite specific evidence to support your analysis.

Prompt 2

At 2:50 in the video, Charles Kahane shares his experiences in a French school as a Jew and describes the French children getting on the bandwagon of anti-Semitism. Now, view the video from the USHMM on the history of anti-Semitism: http://www.ushmm.org/confront-antisemitism/european-antisemitism-from-its-origins-to-the-holocaust

(n.d.). Retrieved April 29, 2017, from https://www.ushmm.org/confront-antisemitism/european-antisemitism-from-its-origins-to-the-holocaust

Write an essay that compares and contrasts these two sources about the meaning of anti-Semitism. Include an analysis of each source’s claims and the extent to which the evidence and reasoning provide support to those claims. Be sure to cite strong and thorough evidence from both sources to support your analysis.

Prompt 3

Charles and his family were seeking refuge from the Nazis while he was six years old.  He understood why because of his school experiences.  What parts of Charles' story helped him to understand his family's plight?

Prompt 4

Charles was the only Jew in a school where prejudice against Jews was not only acceptable, but encouraged.  Describe how the experiences of prejudice could be different for one lone person in contrast to being one of several who are "different."