Timeline - Elizabeth Limor


May 8: Elizabeth Dobrzynski Limor was born in Łódż, Poland.


September 1: The Germans invaded Poland. World War II begins. November: Elizabeth escaped Poland with some friends and arrived in the large city of Lvov, Urkraine.


Germany occupied Ukraine. Food was rationed, and Elizabeth tried unsuccessfully to escape to Warsaw to join her mother and sister. She was stranded in the small town of Pilce.


November: The SS and the Gestapo force the Jews to surrender their most valuable possessions. Men and women are separated, and children are killed on sight. Those deemed able to work are loaded into trucks and sent to Skarżysko, home of “HASAG”, a munitions factory. They lived in grim wooden barracks infested with lice and bed bugs.


Elizabeth and the rest of the factory workers were moved to Częstochowa.


January 17: Elizabeth woke up, went out for roll call, and found out that the Germans had fled. Realizing that she and the others are free, they crossed the iron gates which state Arbeit Macht Frei (Work makes you free). Elizabeth was sent for medical care to Bergen-Belsen, a former concentration camp turned into a postwar displaced persons’ camp.

March 5: Irvin and Elizabeth, both camp survivors, married each other after relying on one another post-liberation.

May 8: On Elizabeth’s birthday, Irvin and Elizabeth are greeted with the news that the war is over.


Elizabeth, and her husband Irvin immigrated to Israel from Germany.


The Limor family decided to move from Israel to Nashville, Tennessee after Elizabeth located her brother who was living in Tennessee.


She dictated her memoir for her grandchildren while living in Tennessee.


February 8: Elizabeth Limor passed away in Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 86.