Writing Prompts - Elizabeth Limor

Prompt 1

Please watch the video of Elizabeth Limor. In the video, Limor ends with the powerful statement that she was a "victim who eventually became a survivor, then a witness, and finally a victor".

After you have watched her video, write an essay that both summarizes and analyzes her progression from victim to victor during her life. Be sure to cite strong and thorough evidence from the video and transcript to support your analysis.

Prompt 2

You have now watched a video and read a non-fiction excerpt (below) for two different Holocaust survivors. Write an essay that compares and contrasts Elizabeth Limor’s and Irene Fogel Weiss’s (below) experiences as Holocaust survivors. Be sure to cite strong and thorough evidence from both sources to support your argument.

Irene Fogel Weiss Testimony – Hungarian Auschwitz Survivor-(n.d.). Retrieved April 29, 2017, from https://auschwitz-trial.org/2015/07/01/irene-weiss/