Writing Prompts - Frieda Lorch

Prompt 1

Frieda stated that, “Life was very unpleasant…life changed like from day to nighttime, all of my friends avoided me in school, I was really left out of every activity that went on.” After viewing Freida’s documentary, cite and analyze evidence that supports the idea of being left out. Include specific quotes and moments from the interview video and/or transcript to support your answer.

Prompt 2

Life under Nazi occupation altered relationships people had with others, including family, friends, and teachers. Read an excerpt taken from Frieda Lorch's transcript and an excerpt taken from Zeev (Heinz) Raphael's testimony. What changes are evident in the two entries below? Why do you think these changes came about during this time? After reading the two excerpts, write an essay in which you compare and contrast both Frieda and Heinz's school experiences.

Include information from both excerpts.


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