Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - Hedy Lustig

  1. Hedy stated: “My father was one of twelve brothers and sisters. Out of all the twelve brothers and sisters, only four survived. All the rest of them—uncles, aunts, cousins, young people—they were all killed. So from a large family, I have hardly any family.  ...We never wanted to forget, nor do I want my children to forget, nor my grandchildren, because I feel like things like that can happen again.” What can you do to make sure that people do not forget about the Holocaust? Now that you have this knowledge, how can you use it to inform others and help them to learn from the lessons of the Holocaust?
  2. View the film Of Hedy Lusting, :46 – 1:58. How do you think the support of the people in Hedy’s village changed the way she felt about what was happening to her and her family? What does this say to you about how you might make a difference in someone’s life who is being persecuted?
  3. What do you think it would be like if suddenly you were no longer allowed to go to public places because of your religion?