Writing Prompts - Henry Wolkoff

Prompt 1

“She just knows I know and there is comfort in that. We don't have to say anything. We understand the pain. We understand each other,” says Henry Wolkoff, who met his wife, Sally, in the Pabianice Ghetto.

Write an essay that both summarizes and analyzes how he thinks about his wife as a fellow Holocaust survivor. Be sure to cite specific evidence to support your analysis.

Prompt 2

Henry remembers in his testimony what it was like for him when he arrived at Mauthausen (3:31 in video). “I remember the day we came in, the guard who was standing on a tower opened fire and we had around six or eight bodies in front of us. That I remember. I knew the people that got killed. They lived in the ghetto with us.”

Write an essay that compares and contrasts Henry’s experience in Mauthausen with other survivor’s testimony about life in the camps. Be sure to cite strong and thorough evidence from both sources to support your argument.