Timeline - Ida Kilstein


Ida Frank Kilstein was born in Oswieciem, Poland.


After the Nazis invaded Poland, the Frank family was forced into a ghetto in Chrzanow, Poland. They were gradually dispersed.


Ida was moved from place to place, including the Neusaltz Labor Camp. She was put to work in factories sewing and making coats. She then was sent to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.


April 15: She was liberated from Bergen-Belsen. She was found naked and very sick with typhus. She and her one brother were all that survived of her family. After liberation, she was taken to another town in Germany to a private home with her brother and some friends.

Later, she moved in Germany from Munich to Landsberg, and then to Flossenburg, before emigrating to Memphis. Ida met her husband Jacob in Memphis.


Ida Kilstein died June 24, 2005 in Memphis, Tennessee.