Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - James F. Dorris, Jr.

  1. What is the role and/or responsibility of a liberator? Explain.
  2. What part of Dorris’ story has the most impact for you? (It is the part you remember vividly, the part you feel a need to discuss and think about or process.) Retell this story as if you were sharing it with someone who knows very little or nothing about the Holocaust.
  3. When Dorris’ unit entered Dachau, neither the liberators nor the prisoners knew what was happening. How did each group react to the events that unfolded? How did the reactions of each group compare and contrast?
  4. James Dorris expressed a need to share his story, to make sure that his experience of the Holocaust is not forgotten. How does this website help share his story to a wider audience? What other ways could the story spread?