Timeline - Kurt Rose


Kurt’s father joined the Germany Army to fight in War World 1.


June 20: Kurt Rose was born in Hanover, Germany.


March 1: There was a boycott on Jewish businesses, including Kurt’s father’s kosher butcher shop that not only sold to Jewish people but to Seventh Day Adventists. Storm troopers stood outside the store and did not allow anyone to enter. That night, they shut down the shop by putting down the shutters. Knocks came from customers expressing their regret, saying they would continue to trade but not knowing what would come later on. July 1: Kurt celebrated his bar mitzvah, a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony.


Hitler Youth became popular in school and those who were part of the group would try and gang up on Kurt during recess to attempt to kick and beat him up for being Jewish. A classmate named Walter Hartung, of Baptist belief and 6’ tall, would defend Kurt from these bullies. One night during a school retreat, the group of Hitler Youth tried to hold Kurt down and pour castor oil down his throat, unsuccessfully since he spat it out right at them.


Kurt’s parents received a letter from Fred Goldner Sr. from Nashville, Kurt’s mother’s first cousin, who requested that Kurt come to live with him in Nashville. Kurt’s parents sent him away for his own safety. June: Kurt arrived in Nashville, TN, staying with Fred Goldner and his family. Kurt’s family stayed in Hanover, Germany.


Kurt’s sister was sent to Washington, D.C. to live. November 9-10: Kristallnacht occurred in Germany. Kurt’s family in Hanover was unharmed, although the synagogue was burned.


The Goldners helped Kurt’s family make the necessary arrangements to come to the United States after seeing the destruction of Kristallnacht. January: Kurt’s family arrived in Nashville and he lived with them in an apartment on West End. Kurt acted as interpreter for his family. December 7: Japan bombed the U.S. Navy base of Pearl Harbor and the U.S.A. joined the war. Kurt was called in the draft, but then was refused due to his eyesight. His brother was drafted and served in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers going to the India-Burma-China Theater of War. Kurt’s first job was at Sam Levy and Company, a shoe store. His sister stayed in Washington D.C., became a governess, and later married.


Kurt worked for BG Amusement Company, became a manager, and was sent to Mississippi to manage a theater where he worked for 30 years, married, and raised a family of five daughters.


December 26: Kurt moved back to Nashville, Tennessee.


Kurt Rose passed away February 24, 2005, in Nashville, Tennessee.