Writing Prompts - Kurt Rose

Prompt 1

Watch the film interview of Kurt Rose. Listen for a phrase or a statement that Kurt (or the Interviewer) says that stands out to you or perhaps, causes you to question. This might be something that you strongly agree with or that moves you to more deeply consider what Kurt lived through with his schoolmates or immigrating to the United States. After you have determined the phrase or statement that particularly stands out in his testimony, write an essay analyzing why you have determined this is important and cite evidence that supports and explains your reasoning.

Prompt 2

Young German students were recruited to join the Hitler Youth, in the pre-war years of the Nazi political machine. In Kurt’s film, he describes the “pranks” that he and other Jewish students were subjected to. He further states, “…that’s all that they were being taught in the Hitler youth, hatred.” We know that propaganda was the tool used to convince and train the German population that Jews were the main cause of problems in the country. Media played a key role in constantly reminding the public about the dangers of the “Jewish problem.” Research propoganda during the Holocaust and write an expository essay explaining the propoganda techniques that were used by the Nazi regime to encourage the youth to discriminate against the Jewish people.