Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - Reva Oks

  1. What events in Reva’s story gave her the courage to persevere throughout her life? What in your life would give you the courage to persevere if you lost everything and faced the circumstances that Reva and her family faced?
  2. What does citizenship mean to you? If tomorrow your citizenship was taken away, how would your attitude and outlook about your country and yourself change?
  3. In her testimony, Reva described having to move from town to town and from one country to another to survive. How does Reva’s story compare to events going on globally today? Find a current news story discussing the plight of refugees moving from one country to another and compare this story to that of Reva’s testimony. What are the similarities and differences between the current story and that of Reva’s testimony from the late 1940s? Cite examples from Reva’s film and transcript and your news story.