Writing Prompts - Sally Wolkoff

Prompt 1

As the witnesses of the Holocaust are in their 80s and above and we continue to lose their physical presence as they pass on, it seems apparent that continuing to tell their stories so that the world will “never forget” is paramount. Who are the new ‘reporters’ who will take their place?

Write an essay describing the groups of new-generation storytellers who will need to pick up the ‘baton’ and continue the reminders. Consider the children and grandchildren of survivors—do you feel they bear some responsibility? What role can students play in this task? Be sure to cite strong and thorough evidence from Sally’s video to support your analysis.

Prompt 2

Listen to Sally Wolkoff’s interview paying close attention to what she says about her family and the life they had together before the war. Next, listen to Claire Kahane’s interview noting the strengths and relationships that were part of her family’s legacy. (It may be helpful to look at the transcripts of each, too).

What evidence do you find in both Sally’s and Claire’s testimonies that points to the importance of family relationships during times of crisis? Write a descriptive comparison of the family life of both of these women. Note that while one was a refugee (Claire) and the other a survivor (Sally), both demonstrate evidence of the importance and strength in close family relationships. Cite evidence from both videos supporting your analysis.