Critical Thinking/Discussion Questions - Stephanie Freudenthal

  1. Ruth Spencer also grew up in Mannheim, Germany like Stephanie. Use the link below to read her account “Childhood in Mannheim.” List three similarities and three differences between the experiences of these two testimonies. Spencer

(n.d.). Retrieved April 29, 2017, from Spencer

  1. Stephanie’s father had provided for his family in Mannheim.  When he came to America, he was in his fifties. He was unable to find work. This resulted in his son’s supporting the family and not being able to finish school. Explore the feelings from various points of view.  Through poetry, song, narrative, or dialogue, describe the feelings regarding this shift in responsibility for the family welfare.


  1. Quotas are used for many things from immigration to war conscription to college entrance acceptances. Given the limited resources available in any particular country, brainstorm alternative ways of supervising foreign immigration. Should there be exceptions for war refugees? Given the number of wars in which countries are currently engaged, how would a country decide which refugees would be allowed?